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Meet Miles Crawford

Step into the world of Miles Crawford, a seasoned entertainment guru with over three decades of experience. From captivating television and radio presentations to uproarious stand-up comedy, Miles is your go-to mentor for unleashing your inner star power.

With a knack for engaging audiences and a flair for charismatic hosting, Miles Crawford is not just a mentor but a maestro of entertainment. Join his academy to embark on a journey of self-discovery and confidence building like never before.

Unleash your potential with Miles Crawford's unique blend of expertise in corporate presenting, stand-up comedy, and voice control. Get ready to conquer the stage with confidence and charm under the guidance of a true industry virtuoso.

  •  Presentation skills
  •  Stand - Up Comedy Fusion
  •  Voice Control Training
  •  Eye Contact Mastery 
  •  Confidence Boosting 
  •  Mindset Tips 


Rave Revues

Miles transformed my stage presence! His tips on eye contact and voice control were game-changers.

Adam Morrison


Thanks to Miles, I now own the stage with confidence. His stand-up comedy techniques are gold!

Phil Reid


Miles is a presentation wizard! His mindset tips helped me ace my corporate presentations.

Sazzle Red


Miles Crawford's voice control tuition is unparalleled. I now speak with conviction and authority.

Rudi Lickwood


Miles is a confidence magician! His help with positivity and confidence is life-changing.

Tommy Armstrong


Unleash your inner comedian with Miles! His coaching on becoming more animated is pure magic.

Pat Smith


Curious Minds

Mentoring can transform your confidence, communication skills, and overall presence, empowering you to excel in various aspects of your life.

Miles Crawford's unparalleled experience in entertainment ensures a blend of humor, expertise, and charisma in every mentoring session.

Yes, each mentoring journey is tailored to your specific goals, challenges, and aspirations, guaranteeing a customised and impactful experience.

Absolutely! Our mentorship covers a wide range of areas including public speaking, voice modulation, body language, and engaging with your audience.

Signing up is easy! Simply choose a plan that suits your needs, click 'Get Started,' and embark on a transformative journey with Miles Crawford.


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Bronze Boost

Unlock basic mentoring tools to kickstart your journey towards confident speaking and positive mindset.


Silver Shine

Elevate your skills with advanced presentation techniques and personalised coaching sessions


Gold Glow

Experience the ultimate mentorship package with exclusive access to comedy integration and voice control mastery.

Ignite Your Brilliance

Experience Personalised Mentoring and Training Like Never Before

Stand-Up Comedy Workshop
July, 2024

Join us for a laughter-filled workshop where you'll learn the art of stand-up comedy from the master himself, Miles Crawford.

Confidence Building Seminar
July, 2024

Boost your confidence and charisma in this interactive seminar led by Miles Crawford. Unleash your inner star!

Presentation Skills Workshop
July, 2024

Enhance your presentation skills and captivate your audience with expert tips and techniques in this engaging workshop.

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